3 cheers for how this company gives back to employees

I love working with the Jones Company of Tennessee! In January I was fortunate to attend their company-wide meeting to hear how 2014 closed out and how they were preparing for 2015. I always root for my clients' success, but it was great to hear how this business had managed to wait out the recession (with every employee job retained no less) and was coming back with a vengeance.

The Jones Company is a home builder in Williamson County obsessed with customer satisfaction and delivering a valuable home thoughtfully crafted using energy-saving practices. Behind the scenes, and what they don't brag about is their best business decision: an incredible family-like culture!

The Jones Company works really hard to appreciate their employees with awards for going the extra mile, employee meetings that feel more like a family reunion, broadcasting company news with recognition for how everyone contributed, and, of course, a great retirement plan. It's innate in their culture that everyone chips in and everyone is accountable, and the company gives back to both employees and the community at large.

In return for treating their employees as their most valuable asset, out of every three of their clients refers someone else, and 93% of their clients surveyed by a third party said they would recommend Jones Company to a family member or friend.

Take a page from their book and find creative ways to build a meaningful employee culture -- your success depends on it!


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