Retirement Planology is now DISC Certified

Retirement Planology is pleased to announce that our Chief Planologist, Courtenay Shipley, is now DISC certified. This means that Retirement Planology is able to work right alongside retirement plan committees in the most efficient way possible as they make decisions and review plan information.

This DISC process begins with a group assessment by Retirement Planology, looking at all of the DISC profile types of each retirement plan committee, to be able to effectively implement strategies that allow them to function as effective and as timely as possible. As leaders and fiduciaries to the plan, committee members are tasked with making important decisions that can affect the futures of their employees. Retirement Planology aims to improve the way meetings are facilitated and how committee members work together.

Courtenay is DISC certified through Well Coached Consulting by author and business coach, Chris Weinberg. As their website details: DISC is designed to improve productivity, teamwork and communication. Personality styles determine how you communicate and how you lead. Used thoughtfully, DISC allows us get to know you quickly. We look at how you and your team respond to challenges, feedback, rules and rewards. DISC identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement by tapping into four main dimensions, including:

    o    DOMINANCE
    o    INFLUENCE

Weinberg best sums up the benefits of the DISC personality profile system in his book, Gear Shift: Unlock the Personality Types of Your Team to Accelerate Your Business.

"The old hub-and-spoke, top-down structure of management is obsolete. Today's leaders break down silos and encourage cross-communication so that everyone has a stake in the outcome over every project." 

For more than 20 years, Well Coached has helped businesses keep their flexibility and unique personality while developing predictable and sustainable operating practices. As a business co-pilot, Chris blends his experiences with principles from Ken Blanchard -organizational management thought leader and best-selling author of The One Minute Manager -and the DiSC profile system. 

Well Coached works with clients of all backgrounds and is equally comfortable engaging with Fortune 500 companies as with organizations in their infancy.

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