Who are your clients?

Our clients are privately held businesses and non-profits with between 12 and 2500 employees. They all have a need for aligning their retirement plan with their company culture, getting assistance in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities, offloading work associated with the plan, and they often find us when there has been or is about to be a change occurring in their business or they are looking for a more knowledgeable advisor.


Why shouldn't you hire us?

We do innovation and change. If you feel good about what you have already, your c-suite culture is DIY, the plan is only in place because “it has to be,” you want a group that doesn’t look holistically at the plan and your organization, or you don’t need help bridging the gap between the abstract and the practical, then we’re not for you…and it’s totally ok! We don’t expect to be everyone’s ideal cup of tea.


Are you a fiduciary?



Why do organizations use an advisor?

"Plans are complicated, regulations change all the time, and I have other things to do."

"We're experts in our field, but sometimes we don't know what we don't know about your field."

"I want to take work off of my plate -- I get so caught up in the weeds and regulatory issues. We just want someone to make the strategic decisions, guide us in line with our corporate values, and make this process simpler."

"We want to share the liability for choosing the investments with an expert."

"We want someone else to drive a thoughtful discussion, help us consider things we haven't before, and tell us what's going on everywhere else."

"I want my advisor relationship to be based on advice, not products."


What are other experts saying?

"A 401(k) or other retirement plan is a business necessity to the typical plan sponsor, but not a business priority. Yet the sponsor’s status as a fiduciary gives it a nearly unprecedented level of authority and responsibility, and rare is the sponsor who thoroughly understands this responsibility, consistently fulfills it, and can prove through documentation that it has done so."

- Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor materials, National Association of Plan Advisors


"Whether knowingly or cloaked within a shroud of ignorance the plan administrator accepts the task of performing to a standard of care that is the highest level defined by law -- the fiduciary standard of care under ERISA...The spectrum of knowledge required of retirement plan committee members is wide, encompassing law, regulation, asset allocation, investment theory, human behavior, and actuarial concepts."

Steff C. Chalk, executive director of The Retirement Plan Advisor University and The Plan Sponsor University.