Health Savings Accounts have picked up steam in recent years with healthcare reform. In some plans, participating employees are allowed to not only contribute, but also to invest their balance for the long-term. 

Think of saving for retirement in two parts: your company sponsored retirement plan (401k, etc.) is your retirement income money and an HSA is your health-related retirement money. It makes sense to allow any unused HSA balance to accrue year to year and be invested for the long-term.

But, what are prudent investments to choose? How should an employer skinny the list of investments offered in the HSA?

Our HSA Investment Service allows organizations to utilize us in the same way as they do for the other retirement plans: screen for appropriate investments according to an investment policy statement, make investment selections, and monitor the investments over time.

Contact us today if your HSA allows investments to be included and you would like help deciding which ones to include for your employees.