Join Our Team

Our philosophy is to surround ourselves with people smarter than us as employees or strategic partners.  We're always looking for talented, knowledgeable folks to join our team.

In particular, right now we're looking for another like-minded Planologist or two, and a Client Happiness Manager.

To be on our team, you've got to be a really good problem-solver, you have to like people, you have to be passionate about helping businesses provide the best retirement plan they can within their constraints, and about helping Americans be able to retire.

The Planologist role is as a licensed investment advisor representative and it's a combo sales and service job. You'll need to be familiar with and knowledgeable about 401(k) and 403(b) plans at a minimum, and you'll need to love them! Depending on how much experience you have, your primary function will be to work alongside the Chief Planologist in getting new clients and servicing current clients. You'll develop your own book of clients that you're responsible for, and you'll advise and educate plan participants at their workplace. If you're new to retirement plans, this will be an apprenticeship role, where you spend the first year-ish learning everything you can and when you can demonstrate you won't crash the car, we'll give you the keys. If you're old school and you've got experience and maybe already your own clients, you'll learn how we do stuff and then hook onto our infrastructure and keep on running.

The Client Happiness Manager is our project management, customer support, and problem-solving role. You'll be helping wrangle client issues and supporting our client experience. We will want to give you awards for and titles like "Anticipator of Needs," "Crafter of Customer Experience," and "Solutions Architect." Generally, you like to take broken and disparate things and put them into a nice and tidy situation. You will interface with some clients, but you'll definitely be talking with our vendors on a regular basis. You embrace using technology to its fullest extent. You probably feel good when everything is in its place. You might have been considered an overly inquisitive kid growing up or you might be the neighborhood skeptic. This could be your first job out of school or your ramp down job. Bonus points if you live in the Metro DC area or Nashville, TN. Big time bonus points if you come from the retirement plan world and can speak recordkeeper and TPA. This role is currently part-time but can grow to full-time if you desire.

Here's how we work. No matter your role, we need you to produce quality, accurate products that can be "shipped" to clients. We need quality, accuracy, and on-time delivery, and there are often many routes that lead to that destination and a lot of leeway in how you get there. With that amount of freedom comes a lot of responsibility. That can be freaky to folks who like manuals or checklists -- we don't have a ton of those, or if you're used to dictation as opposed to guidance from management. We generally keep regular business hours in two time zones but we've got families and all the things, so we're flexible, as long as there's consistency. Deadlines are serious. Work banter is not. We fail hard and quickly pivot when necessary, and we improve on prototypes. We'll never say that something works just because we've always done it that way. That may be stressful at times to folks who prefer a very predictable environment, but recognize that you will be a key part of any changes made. Finally, there is hierarchy at our firm but everyone's voice is important. We value conflict and disagreement as a way to get to the best work product.