What You Get From Us: Strategy, Service, Specialized Knowledge

Fiduciary Support

  • Work in tandem with your ERISA counsel and serve as an advisor to the plan committee
  • Help translate changes in legislation into prudent practices
  • Benchmark your plan for cost savings and competitive services to help you determine "reasonable" fees and compare what is available in the marketplace
  • As needed, work with you, your counsel, and your auditor to establish effective processes

Plan and Vendor Management

  • Advocate for your plan in service issues
  • Evaluate service providers and renegotiate contracts as necessary
  • Work with you to find the best-fit and most cost effective plan design

Participant Education

  • Establish the education policy statement and annual strategic education plan
  • Examine how to best use and leverage tools and resources to help meet your employees’ needs and get them on the path to retire
  • Educate your employees about the plan and how to use it, as well as other financial topics

Investment Management

  • Review or rework your investment policy statement, current lineup, and provide investment due diligence and monitoring reports
  • Act as a fiduciary (share liability) in selecting and monitoring plan investments 

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